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Is your Car making you Sick?

Posted June 22, 2015

It might not be a question you ask yourself very often, but it’s an important one. Preventative maintenance is important for the health of your vehicle, but what about your health?

Dirty Air Filter – Allergens

Your cabin air filter is a quick and easy fix, but it’s just as easy to put off. Many people wait to change filters to save a few dollars, but it could be harming more than your vehicle.

The cabin air filter catches bugs, dirt, and dust to prevent it from entering the cabin where you sit. Dirty air filters can cause respiratory system issues, including sneezing, sore throats, shortness of breath, and allergy symptoms.

When it gets full, the collected debris can even become a breeding ground for bacteria. It’s a quick and inexpensive fix – stay healthy, stop by our shop to change your filter!

Air Conditioning – Fungus

When the weather gets hot, you crank up the AC. But the same moisture that keeps your car cool can become a hot spot for fungus, which can cause colds, infections, and allergic reactions.

One study showed that fungal concentration doubled when the A/C filter is old. Strange odors, loss of air flow, or noises when running could indicate a problem. Bring your vehicle in for an A/C inspection and service.

Exhaust – Toxins

It’s not hard to imagine that the cloud of fumes coming out of your tailpipe is bad for your health… The catalytic converter in your exhaust system works to remove most of the chemicals before exhaust leaves your vehicle, but ignoring maintenance can cause toxins to leach out into the environment and your body.

If you notice smells or exhaust fumes, bring your vehicle in as soon as possible. Our certified technicians will check for leaks, perform any repairs, and get your car back on the road safe and healthy!

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