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Symptoms Your Vehicle May Need an A/C Repair

  • Your A/C doesn’t feel cold
  • Not enough air flow
  • Air flow will not change modes
  • Clicking or popping noises

On hot summer days, you notice it right away – your vehicle’s air conditioning. If it takes longer than it should to cool your car, you know you’ll be in for a few uncomfortable months of driving. But it doesn’t have to stay that way!

To help your car’s air conditioning keep up with hot, Colorado summer days, bring your vehicle into Keller Bros. Auto Repair! Our ASE Certified technicians will inspect your vehicle’s air conditioning so it works properly all summer long.

As the seasons change in Colorado, your vehicle’s heating and cooling system are important to keep you comfortable on the roads. When temperatures rise, existing or new problems may become apparent.

Don’t delay having your vehicle’s A/C system fixed – as it works harder in an attempt to keep your vehicle cool and comfortable, more damage can occur and lead to costly repairs. For a properly working air conditioning system, the belt, air compressor, and refrigerant must be operating properly. Don’t wait until you need to replace the full unit – have your car air conditioning serviced and stay cool in the heat!

Bring your vehicle to Keller Bros. Auto Repair for air conditioning inspection, diagnostics, service, and repair. From refrigerant flushes to belt replacement, leak repair, and air conditioning installation, our ASE Certified technicians can service your vehicle’s A/C to keep you cool through the summer months.

Beat the heat! Schedule a vehicle A/C system inspection or repair. If your car’s air conditioning can’t keep up with the summer heat, give our experts a call at 303-347-1010 to stay comfortable in your vehicle!

You can also make an appointment online.