In addition to being rated the #1 Auto Repair Facility in the Nation by CarQuest, Keller Bros. receives a lot of local media exposure for the high level of quality service they provide. Keller Bros. was honored to have been reviewed by Denver’s 9News in the wake of the CarQuest award, which is included below:

“The Best Car Shop in the Country”

Anyone who owns an automobile knows that finding a good repair shop is a tough proposition. In Fact, car repair problems are consistently ranked among the top five consumer complaints nationwide.

That’s why you should know about a repair shop in Littleton that was voted the best in the country in a survey done by Carquest Auto parts.

Keller Bros. was selected out of 40,000 repair shops in the Unites States as the best place to take your car when you have problems.

They never do extensive and costly repairs without their customers permission. They stand behind all of their work, even to the extent of replacing parts years after they installed them should them fail outside of normal wear perimeters.

Perhaps most significantly, the Kellers treat their employees as members of their own family. Mechanics receive top dollar and say they wouldn’t work for anyone else, always a plus for a consumer who is entrusting one of their most expensive possessions to a complete stranger.