Keller Bros. Named Top Auto Repair Shop in Colorado!

Posted May 4, 2018

Keller Bros. Auto Repair continues to be humbled and honored by the recognition we continue to receive from our community. Most recently, we were named the Best Auto Repair Shop in Colorado by readers of Colorado Biz magazine! Click HERE to download the special issue and flip to Page 14 to read the article! The…

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Coolant Level Maintenance

Posted April 19, 2018

As drivers and car owners from coast-to-coast celebrate National Car Care Month in April, here are a few things to consider regarding your vehicle’s coolant level: • Many people are under the impression that to maintain your cooling system, all that goes into it is flushing it regularly. • But to ensure that not only…

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Posted March 26, 2018

Every year when spring arrives, auto manufacturers seem to increase the number of advertisements they air in hopes of getting drivers to buy a new car in time to enjoy the nice summer weather. According to both history and current trends, this is rarely a good idea however. Last year, the price of pre-owned vehicles…

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Tune-Up Time?

Posted February 23, 2018

Modern automobiles are marvels of engineering – finely-tuned machines that would seem downright futuristic to car owners just a couple of generations ago. That being said, your vehicle still requires regular maintenance in order to function at an optimal level. As a rule of thumb, you should consider getting a proper tune-up every 30,000 miles…

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Winter Car Battery Maintenance

Posted January 17, 2018

As we reach the peak of winter here in Colorado, you will undoubtedly be contending with a lot of issues as you try and stay warm and safe while contending with blizzards, black ice, etc. One of the most common and most frustrating ordeals to contend with during the winter months is a dead car…

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Posted January 3, 2018

With the Holidays now officially in High Gear, people in Metro Denver and throughout the country are in full-on SHOP MODE, buying gifts for friends, family, coworkers and so on. During the Season of Giving, don’t forget to pick something up for your family vehicle! Here are eight gift ideas for your truck or car…

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Tire Maintenance Tips

Posted November 28, 2017

In terms of vehicle safety, the importance of having dependable tires cannot be overstated. While that statement may seem obvious, many drivers are guilty of neglecting their tires and not performing regular maintenance on them. Neglecting your tires can lead to long-term damage for several of your vehicles components, including the suspension and axle among…

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Mechanical Belts 101

Posted October 27, 2017

The job of a mechanical belt is to act as a source of motion, transmitting power to various engine components to ensure proper timing of moving parts and connect key systems. Here are a few different types of belts your vehicle depends on to function properly: Timing Belt – also known as synchronous belts, these…

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MAKING THE GRADE: Which Octane is best for your car?

Posted September 26, 2017

When most drivers in Colorado fill up the gas tank, they probably select the cheapest price, paying little or no attention to the octane number. While cost is typically a major concern when purchasing gas, the lowest and cheapest octane can sometimes be the wrong choice. What do the numbers on the gas pump mean…

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Top Reasons Your Car Won’t Start

Posted August 9, 2017

It can be extremely frustrating when you hop in your vehicle, turn the key in the ignition and it won’t start! While dead batteries are the usual suspect for a car not starting, that is not always the root cause of the issue. Here are some of the top reasons why your car won’t start.…

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