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Reduce your Vehicle’s Carbon Footprint

Posted April 22, 2016

Earth day is here, so we’re devoting this blog to ways to make your vehicle more green! We’re not talking green fender covers… here are real tips to reduce the carbon footprint from your vehicle.

First, check your gas cap. It’s often the biggest culprit to wasting fuel. Gas caps need to be changed every 4 years, or the seal inside may go bad and no longer hold air. The gasoline vapors evaporate when it’s warm, escape your fuel tank, and go straight into the environment!

When was the last time you replaced your vehicle’s gas cap?

Next time you visit Keller Bros. Auto Repair, ask our certified technicians to take a look at your gas cap. We’ll quickly test it to make sure it holds a seal. If it doesn’t, have it fixed before it costs you more money at the pump.

Second, check the engine air filter. This is designed to prevent dust and contaminants from being mixed with the fuel in your engine. But if the filter is too full and dirty, it may be suffocating your engine.

If it’s harder to get the clean air to the engine, you’ll end up spending more fuel – and reducing efficiency by an average of 2 miles for every gallon.

Check your air filters at home or bring your vehicle to Keller Bros. Auto Repair. Our technicians check your filters with every full service oil change or inspection.

Third, have your vehicle cleaned! Our independent auto repair shop offers a unique service called Motor Vac Carbon Clean. Carbon is a normal side effect of the combustion engine in your vehicle. The Motor Vac service will run through the entire engine and remove the contamination and carbon. Not only will your vehicle run cleaner, but it will run smoother and more efficient.

For more tips, watch this video for our own David Rogers, the Monday Morning Mechanic:

To get your vehicle clean, efficient, and ready for spring, call Keller Bros. Auto Repair at 303-347-1010 or request an appointment online.

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