3 of the Most Common Electrical Problems in Cars

Posted December 13, 2023

Partnering with a trusted auto repair shop is essential for proper vehicle care management. One of the most perplexing problems you may experience with your vehicle is an electrical issue. There are so many electrical components that it can be difficult to trace the problem to the source. Let’s look at three of the most common causes of your vehicle’s electrical problems.

1. Alternator Issues

There are two key components to your vehicle’s electrical system: the battery, which supplies power, and the alternator, which charges the car’s battery. When the engine runs, the alternator produces an alternating current (AC) converted into direct current (DC). When your alternator is going bad, you may see issues including a dead battery, dimming lights, and accessories losing power. You may also experience stalling or misfires. An auto repair shop can test your alternator to ensure everything is in proper working order. They can also replace faulty alternators.

2. Battery Issues

Your vehicle battery has an expected lifespan. When it nears the end of that lifespan, you may experience electrical problems. When a car battery gets old, it undergoes a natural process of degradation over time, and you may experience hard starts from reduced cranking power, dim lights, and illuminated warning lights on your dashboard. Eventually, your battery won’t be able to be charged. The cell in the battery will completely die out and be incapable of holding a charge. Battery problems are the most common cause of electrical failure.

3. Starter Issues

If your vehicle clicks when you turn the key and doesn’t engage the motor, you may be dealing with electrical starter issues. The starter may have a worn-out motor, a faulty solenoid, or a damaged relay. When your starter has problems, you may hear clicking, grinding, or whirring noises. Eventually, your vehicle won’t start if your starter needs to be replaced. A trusted auto repair shop will test your starter. They can quickly make the necessary repairs and restore the reliability of your vehicle.

According to Gitnux, the U.S. auto repair industry is thriving; it has an approximate value of $116 billion, and with good reason. There is nothing better than having a trusted auto repair shop as your partner to keep your vehicle on the road where it belongs. If you need help with electrical problems or any other car repairs or maintenance, you can rely on Keller Bros. Auto Repair. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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