4 Benefits of Upgrading Your Brakes

Posted October 13, 2023

It’s easy to forget about your brakes until they start making unsettling noises that remind you they require maintenance. Our team recommends that you have your car tuned every 30 thousand miles to help prevent major mechanical problems. If you are considering upgrading your brakes at a local car repair facility, here are four benefits of doing so.

1. Brake Lines

Stock brake lines are made from rubber and prone to wear and tear and other degradation over time. Instead of waiting for the brake hoses to start leaking and possibly cause a complete failure of your brakes, you can install braided steel brake lines that give you more stopping power and last much longer than rubber brake lines. The additional cost for braided steel brake lines is more than made up for in longevity and improved braking performance.

2. Cooler Brake Rotors

Warped or damaged brake rotors are a common reason you may need car repair services for your brakes. Instead of paying to turn rotors or replace stock rotors with similar ones, you can upgrade them with high-performance rotors. The aftermarket rotors have cooling slots and holes that help to keep them from overheating. The rotors give you better stopping power and help to keep the brakes cool, which can be especially beneficial in stop-and-go traffic and while driving on very hilly roads with lots of tight curves.

3. Brake Pads

When you upgrade your brakes, this should include adding better brake pads that grip the rotor more firmly and slow down the wheels faster. Installing aftermarket brake calipers that have more brake pistons also will improve the gripping power of your brake pads when pressed against the rotor. You wind up with much better stopping power while enabling the brake parts to last longer because they don’t have to work as hard to control your speed and stop safely.

4. Shorter Stopping Distances

Ultimately, the biggest benefit of upgrading your brakes is the improved braking performance that they give your vehicle’s braking system. The improved stopping power makes it a lot easier to slow down and stop in shorter distances. Emergency braking is much more effective, and the wear and tear on the brake system’s components is reduced. You get better brakes that last longer and make it safer to drive.

Are your brakes not performing optimally? If so, let Keller Bros. Auto help. You can call or visit our car repair facility to learn more and schedule a brake system upgrade for your vehicle.

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