5 Signs Something Is Wrong With Your Car’s Engine

Posted November 13, 2023

All vehicles need routine maintenance and occasional repairs to stay in good running condition. According to Porch Group Media, independent shops do three-fourths of auto maintenance and repair work in the United States. If your car seems to be running less than its best, here are five signs that you need to take it in for service at a local car repair shop.

1. Rough Idle

An engine should idle smoothly while you are stopped and use as little fuel as possible until you start moving again. If the engine is stumbling or idling roughly, it might have fouled spark plugs, a dirty air filter, or maybe a problem with the fuel injectors. You might even see the check-engine light appear on the dash. A local shop can diagnose the problem and fix it to restore your engine’s smooth idle.

2. Poor Acceleration

When you accelerate from a stop, the engine should deliver power smoothly as the vehicle gains speed. If it hesitates, stumbles, or is sluggish, the engine might be overdue for a tune-up. The condition might accompany a rough idle and have identical solutions that will restore your engine’s good and efficient power delivery.

3. Stalling Motor

Few things are more frustrating than an engine that stalls. Even if it restarts right away, a vehicle that stalls while you are driving is nerve-wracking and creates a potential danger. A car repair shop can determine what the problem is and take care of it. It might be a bad alternator, poor fuel delivery, or some other problem that causes the engine to cut out while you are driving.

4. Poor Fuel Economy

A sudden drop in fuel economy is a sure sign that something is wrong with the engine. The engine might have a compression leak, bad spark plugs and wires, or another issue that is causing it to run poorly and use more fuel. It might even have a combination of problems that might be fixed with a simple tune-up service or might require some new parts to regain its efficiency.

5. Leaking Fluid

Fluid leaks are a sure sign of a problem with the engine or possibly where the engine connects to the transmission. Leaking oil, leaking coolant, or other fluids should be addressed as soon as possible. Fixing the problem quickly will prevent damage to the engine or any of its costly components.

Do you suspect something may be wrong with your engine? If so, Keller Bros. Auto can help. You can call or visit our car repair shop to learn more and schedule service for your vehicle.

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