5 Signs You Need Transmission Repair

Posted January 11, 2024

There might be a few types of car maintenance you can afford to procrastinate on every once in a while, but the transmission does not fall into this category. Your transmission is an essential part of your vehicle’s function and if it needs attention, it needs it quick. Transmission replacements can be costly, so it’s best to pay attention. According to the experts at Broadly, the average vehicle should last about 12.3 years with good maintenance. The goal is to make your car last as long as possible, so here are a few signs that your transmission might need repair.

1. Slipping Gears

Gears slipping is usually one of the very first signs that your transmission needs some care. Not only is slipping gears a sign that your transmission might need some attention, but it can also be dangerous. When gears slip significantly, it can cause you to lose control of the vehicle. This could lead to an accident. You should find a car repair shop quickly if you’re experiencing this.

2. Sluggish Transmission

Sometimes a vehicle won’t slip gears, but you might start noticing sluggish shifting. It just doesn’t feel as smooth as it used to. This is often a signal that a vehicle may need transmission fluid or maintenance. Staying on top of transmission maintenance can help you prolong the life of your transmission and avoid costly repairs.

3. Rough Gear Shifting

Another sign of transmission problems could be rough gear shifting. You might notice rough gear shifting if sludge has built up in the gear oil, the bearings on shafts inside of the transmission have worn, or there are overheating conditions. Getting car repair done quickly for these types of issues is essential so that you don’t cause further damage to the gearbox.

4. Grinding Gears

When gear oil is dirty, you might experience grinding gears. If gear oil is dirty it can’t lubricate as well and the result will cause friction. When there is friction it will make it harder for the teeth to engage properly during gear shifts. As with other issues mentioned above, if left unrepaired, this could cause further damage and more expense in the future.

5. Overheating Gearbox

You should also look out for an overheating gearbox. The gearbox should not run excessively hot as this is an indicator of a problem. This is often a sign you’ll see when other issues have been left unrepaired for a while. An overheating gearbox might require a rebuild or replacement. This is often caused by low fluid or dirty fluid.

These are just a few signs that your transmission might need attention. If you’re looking for quality car repair, please contact Keller Bros today. Our goal is to give you reliable, outstanding service and we are here for your automotive needs.

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