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How Far Can You Drive With A Spare Tire

Posted June 14, 2017

Driving around Littleton and getting a flat tire can be both frustrating and inconvenient. Often, people are too busy to get a flat fixed and continue to keep filling it with air for as long as they can. While riding around on a flat is not advised, using spare ties as a safety net can be your best option. However, how long you can drive on a spare tire depends on a few factors.

Difference Between Spare Tire and Regular Tire

Temporary tires are different than your everyday regular tires. Because of how the two types of tires are made is so different makes their life span very different as well. Spare tires are usually composed of one thin layer of polyester in the sidewall and two belts of steel in the tread. This causes them to not have the same durability as regular tires take during beatings from the road.

Spare Tire Basics

The most common choice of spare tire is called a “donut,” or “space saver.” These tires are small, compact, and lightweight and are easy to store and install. Typically, you can expect to get between 50-70 miles on a spare tire and have limited top speeds of 55 mph. While that puts some limitations on you, it should be an ample amount of time to get in to a reputable auto repair or tire shop for a patch or to replace your regular tire.

Full Size Spare Tire

Some cars come with a full-size spare tire. While they take up more room, they are much more stable than donuts. Also, be aware that you’ll get more mileage out of full-size spares, but the treads are likely different than the rest of your tires which could cause some rough handling.

Fix Your Flat Tire

The bottom line is that when you get a flat tire, it is imperative that you get it patched or replaced as soon as you can. The last thing you want to do is run your regular tire as well as your spare tire into the ground. While spare tires are a blessing for emergencies, they are not good long-term solutions.

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