How to Jump Start a Car (Video)

Posted May 7, 2015

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as turning the key in the ignition and hearing the car sputter and fail to start from a dead battery… But if you have a set of jumper cables in your car and the help of a kind donor car, you’ll be on the road again in minutes!

Scott, technician at Keller Bros. Auto Repair, reviews the basics of jump starting a vehicle in this video:

Click here for a written guide to jump starting a vehicle.

Remember – after you get a jump start,  you’re not entirely in the clear. It’s important that you bring your car into a trusted auto repair shop after receiving a jump start to have the battery inspected and tested.

Certified technicians (like Scott) will be able to inspect the components in your vehicle affecting or affected by the battery to look for any issues or warning signs. They can test to make sure the alternator is working properly and the battery is holding a charge.

If you find yourself needing a jump start frequently, an accessory could be silently draining the battery, the alternator may not be recharging the battery appropriately, or the battery may need replaced.

Age and condition can affect the performance of a battery – it you need a new car battery, the team at Keller Bros. Auto Repair can help you chose the right one for your vehicle, install the new battery, and get you back safely on the road quickly!

If you recently received a jump start, come in to Keller Bros. for an inspection as soon as possible. Drop by our Littleton auto repair shop anytime, or schedule an appointment by calling 303-347-1010.

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