Should You Repair Your Car or Buy a New One?

Posted December 7, 2022

Are you dealing with car trouble? If so, you may be wondering whether it’s smarter to invest in repairs or replace your vehicle entirely. While there are some situations where buying a new car may be necessary, you’ll find that repair is often the easier and less expensive option in the long run. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your car.


The first thing to think about when deciding whether to repair or replace your car is its age. According to Carsurance, a car typically lasts its owner an average of 8.4 years. If your car is close to this age or older, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to keep it for much longer anyway, and replacing it may be a smarter investment. However, if your car is only a few years old, it’s probably worth it to schedule an auto repair appointment at a trusted car repair shop.


The cost of repairs may be one reason you hesitate to fix your car up, but the truth is that in many cases, even an expensive car repair is more economical than a replacement. Unless a repair costs more than half the price of your vehicle, it’s usually easier to take care of the vehicle you have rather than buy a new one. This will often save you money in the long run.

Frequency of Problems

Finally, consider how often your car needs to be taken to the shop. Frequent repairs can add up, and if your car has a lot of problems, it may be worth looking into replacing it. However, if you only need to make repairs every now and then, keeping your vehicle for a while longer shouldn’t place too much strain on your wallet.

Be sure to consider all of the above points as you decide whether to repair or replace your car. If your vehicle is at a reasonable age, the cost of repairs isn’t too expensive, and you don’t have car problems often, you’ll probably want to opt for repair over replacement. If you need work done on your car, schedule an appointment with Keller Bros. today. We’re proud to hold the title of the best auto repair shop in Colorado, and we’ll provide you with the high-quality service you deserve.

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