Start saving money with a wheel alignment in Littleton, CO!

Posted September 19, 2013

Does your steering wheel vibrate while you’re driving around Littleton? Do you notice your car drifting to the side of the lane making you really concentrate on driving straight? These are signs that you could need a wheel alignment, a maintenance service that has plenty of benefits to keep you safely on the road and save you money in the long run.

A wheel alignment is the simple task of adjusting the angles of your wheels so they are completely parallel with the other tires making them perpendicular to the road. Hitting a pothole or a curb can affect a tire’s alignment which can be detrimental to your vehicle and cause issues such as decreased MPG and loss of control. Although the actual service may seem meek, it is very valuable to a car owner.


You may need a wheel alignment if…

–          Your car pulls to the right or left when you drive

–          The steering wheel of your car shakes while driving

–          You’ve hit a pot hole or speed bump at a moderate to high speed

–          You notice uneven wear on your tires, often more wear on the outside of a tire

The benefits of a wheel alignment

–          Prolongs tire life to keep your vehicle on the road longer

–          Improves MPG to save you money  at the pump

–          Smoother driving for a comfortable and enjoyable ride

–          Maximum traction on slippery surfaces to ensure you are safe in any weather


Our ASE-Certified technicians can make sure your wheels are aligned, keeping you safe and saving you money!  When you visit us, our technicians will properly inspect your alignment because at Keller Bros. your preventive maintenance and auto repair needs are always our first priority. So stop by or call us at (303) 347-1010 to set up an appointment today for a wheel alignment in Littleton, CO!

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