Wheel Alignment Is Important: Here’s Why

Posted August 4, 2023

Has a mechanic ever told you how important it is to regularly align your tires? A recent study concluded that wheel alignments should be completed every two to three years, depending on how frequently you drive and where you drive. However, there are undoubtedly many drivers on the road who have no idea what wheel alignments even are. Keep reading to discover why you should add this to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

Extends Your Tires’ Lifespan

The number one reason why wheel alignment is an important part of vehicle maintenance is because this service helps to extend the lifespan of your tires. If your wheels are not aligned, your tires are going to start to wear unevenly. This means that you may have to prematurely replace one or two of them at a time. In addition to premature wear, you increase the chances of a blowout when they start to wear unevenly. Blowouts can be dangerous, so you want to avoid them as much as you possibly can.

Protects Your Vehicle’s Suspension

Wheel alignment does not only affect your wheels and tires. Wheel alignment can affect the suspension of your vehicle. This includes the coil springs, struts, shock absorbers, joints, bearings, bushings, and rods. When your car is not aligned, it puts extra strain on one or more of these parts. That can lead to that part wearing out, which in turn affects the other parts. Suspension parts are costly to replace, so protecting them by aligning your tires makes financial sense.

Improves the Smoothness of Your Ride

By aligning your tires, you can help to ensure a smooth ride. While you cannot prevent yourself from feeling every bump or dip in the road, aligning your wheels is the best way to help increase comfort for both drivers and passengers in an automobile. Of course, it’s a safety concern as well. Maintaining vehicular stability should be a priority of any driver.

The next time you have a moment, test it out! In an empty parking lot, or somewhere else that’s safe, drive slowly in a straight line. Let go of the wheel while inching forward. Your car should continue to go straight. If your car pulls to the left or the right, it’s not properly aligned. If you need to schedule your wheel alignments, we can help. Call us today to schedule an appointment for all of your auto repair and maintenance needs.

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