“Winter is Coming” Inspection and Diagnostic Specials-THIS WEEK ONLY!

Posted October 27, 2014

80 degree days are more than likely gone until next year, and the temps are dropping this week.  As a car owner, and probably someone who does not want to be stranded by a dead car, it’s time to have your truck or car checked before the hard days of winter arrive.  They already have in the mountains, so it’s only a matter of time before we see it here in town.  So, to give you and your family the peace of mind you will need this winter, check out these specials we are offering you this Halloween week:

FREE Diagnostic Check for any Car or Truck. Have an annoying noise, or a light that keeps coming on dashboard?  Have it checked out before it turns into something more serious and expensive. A $49 value (Or half off a $98 diagnostic)

FREE Winter Inspection for any Car or Truck (a $49-79 value).  See below for details on this inspection:

* Antrifreeze — Your radiator helps regulate the temperature of your engine, and it does so by using water to move heat away from the engine.  Antifreeze helps make sure that this water doesn’t freeze, expand, and destroy your engine when it’s cold (and also doesn’t boil away and let your engine overheat when your engine is running).  Like other fluids, antifreeze has to be checked and flushed regularly.  The primary problem is that, over time, the pH can be off in the fluid — leading to corrosion and rust in the cooling system.  This eventually leads to cooling system breakdowns, engine overheating, and finally death (of your car — engine overheating can take 100,000 miles off the life of your engine)
* Battery — Summer wreaks havoc on batteries, but we usually don’t notice it until it’s cold.  Our ASE Certified Technicians will test it to make sure your car can start when it’s freezing outside. Have it checked now before you’re stranded in the cold!
* Tires — Tires can lose up to 1-2 lbs of pressure for each 10 degree drop in temp.  Low tires don’t grip the road as well and are more at risk for flats.  It’s also a good time to check tire tread wear to make sure you can get up those hills on snowy and icy days.

  • Tire Fact from 2013- In one day last winter, CDOT assisted 22 vehicles that spun out and blocked traffic or caused an accident- 19 out of those 22 had bald tires

* Wipers — Make sure you can see all winter long with winter wipers.  Plus, we’ll top off your washer fluid!
* A complete inspection also means we’ll look for issues that could leave you stranded and waiting for a tow truck in the cold this winter.  Get it fixed now before the cold weather hits!

Winter Driving

The key value to all of this is to avoid being stranded in the snow and cold waiting for a tow truck.  Not only is it expensive to get a tow, but it’s also dangerous to be stuck in the cold waiting for them to show up.  That can mean a car that won’t start (antifreeze, battery), or that is stuck on the side of the road (antifreeze, tires).

I don’t know if you’ve ever been stuck on the side of the road, but it’s the worst.  My first year in Colorado, I got a flat, then got a flat on my spare tire so I literally couldn’t go anywhere…car was stuck in a parking garage two days because the tow trucks were so busy towing other people.  That’s what we’re trying to help people avoid…Just simply print out this page and bring it into our shop, or view our SPECIALS page.

*-Loaner cars available by request and availability, call us at (303) 347-1010

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