Winter is Coming! Prepare your Vehicle

Posted October 20, 2016

Fall in Littleton means unpredictable weather, changing road conditions, the first snow storms, and winter preparations. It also means new challenges for drivers, especially those new to our state who are not familiar with winter driving.

Make sure your family and your vehicle is prepared before the first storm of the season.

  • Defroster/Heater – When you get in your car in the cold fall mornings, test your heater by turning it on high. Make sure the defroster setting works, with air flow reaching the windshield. If air flow appears blocked or it takes too long to warm the inside of your car, bring it in to Keller Bros. for a heating system inspection. Not only does a broken heating system leave you cold in your car, it can be a safety hazard if you can’t defrost your windshield!
  • Battery – As temperatures drop, your battery may begin to show signs of failure. If your vehicle struggles to start on cold mornings, it may be a sign that the battery is failing. Summer heat can be damaging for batteries, leading to corrosion you may not notice until temperatures drop. Stop by Keller Bros. and our certified technicians will test your battery’s condition. If the battery can’t hold the proper charge, your vehicle may not be able to start on cold mornings.
  • Brakes – Slippery, wet, slick roads put your brakes to the test! Because you use your brakes so frequently in ordinary driving conditions, they need to be serviced and replaced periodically. If you notice noises, vibration, or difficulty responding, have your brakes inspected right away.
  • Antifreeze – When was the last time you had your cooling system checked? If the antifreeze in your system is old or leaking, it could spell trouble for your engine on cold winter days. Stop by Keller Bros. and our experienced technicians will check your antifreeze condition and levels, and recommend a cooling system flush if you need new antifreeze for the winter.

Whether you’re looking forward to cocoa and snowmen or dread the cold weather, winter is coming to Littleton! Now is the best time to start preparing your vehicle so you avoid breakdowns in the cold weather.

Schedule a winter inspection or your auto service by calling our technicians at 303-347-1010 or requesting an appointment online, or simply stop by our auto repair shop in Littleton.

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