Winterize Your Vehicle

Posted November 2, 2021

Winter weather means different challenges for your vehicle. While most cars are equipped for all weather conditions, it is a good idea to check a few key systems to winterize your vehicle and make sure it’s ready for the tough road conditions we’ll be enduring for the next few months.

Tires. Many drivers install all-weather tires on their vehicles to handle road conditions year-round. However, if you will be spending a lot of time on slick roads or in the mountains, it may make sense to install snow tires that are designed for snow, ice, and mud. Check out last month’s blog for more info on tire safety in winter and to have our technicians inspect your tires for you, bring your vehicle by our auto shop in Littleton.

Antifreeze. If the coolant or antifreeze in your system is not rated to withstand the very cold temperatures in Colorado this winter, have your cooling system flushed and replace the fluid with proper antifreeze. Avoid topping off the fluid or adding antifreeze yourself – a small mistake or incorrect ratio can leave your engine at risk. You may not be able to start on cold mornings if the fluid freezes, and you’re at a higher risk of overheating the engine.

Four-Wheel Drive. Many drivers use four-wheel drive more frequently during the winter months. When snow and ice make it harder to control your vehicle, 4WD can provide extra control and help you get unstuck. Have your four-wheel drive system checked this winter to make sure it will be there for you when you need it.

Winterizing your vehicle can mean different things, depending on the conditions of your vehicle. To best prepare your vehicle for winter, stop by Keller Bros. Auto Repair for a winter inspection. Our ASE-certified technicians can tell you exactly what steps you need to take to ensure your vehicle will be best equipped to handle winter conditions.

Request an appointment online or call our technicians at 303-347-1010 for more advice on how to properly winterize your vehicle.

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