Wintertime Transmission Slippage

Posted January 1, 2022

Cold weather can cause problems for your vehicle, especially your transmission. Problems that you may not have noticed during the summer can start showing themselves as the temperatures drop across Colorado. If your transmission starts slipping when it’s cold outside, it could be a sign of a few problems.

Low Transmission Fluid.
Transmission fluid lubricates the interior of your transmission. If there is a leak or the levels are too low, the component can slip as a result. Because oil expands when it is warm, you may have been able to get by without problems during the summer.

You should not simply top off your transmission’s fluid when it is low. Doing so could mask a leak. A fluid top-off may temporarily solve the problem, but it leaves you at risk for problems down the road if the system continues to leak fluid. Bring your vehicle into Keller Bros. Auto Repair and our ASE-certified technicians will inspect your vehicle for a transmission fluid leak.

Denatured Fluid.
Over time, the transmission fluid will break down and not be able to perform its function as efficiently. When the fluid becomes old and denatured, it needs to be changed. Check your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule or call our auto experts at 303-347-1010 to find out when your next service is due.

Contaminated Fluid.
If dirt, debris, rust, or other contaminants get into your transmission fluid, it needs to be changed. This is also a good opportunity to check and replace the filters as well to help keep contaminants out of your vehicle. When you bring your vehicle into our shop for a flush, our technicians will completely remove the fluid and all contaminants from your transmission, then replace it with new fluid.

To diagnose why any of your vehicle’s components aren’t performing properly this winter, call 303-347-1010 or click HERE to schedule an appointment at Keller Bros. Auto Repair.

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