Car Warranty Myths You Need to Know

Posted January 22, 2016

All warranties are the same. You don’t need a warranty. You definitely need to purchase the dealer’s extended warranty.

We’ve heard it all, and we’re sure you have too. So what’s the truth? What do you need to know about warranties for your vehicle?

The truth is not all warranties are the same.

New cars often come with a manufacturer’s warranty. These typically cover repairs that are due to manufacturing errors but exclude anything that may be attributed to normal wear and tear or driver error. (Look at the details in your warranty, ask your manufacturer to explain the exact terms, or call our team at 303-347-1010 – we’ll help you understand the terms of your vehicle’s specific warranty.)

In order to maintain your new car warranty, most manufacturers require documentation of regular maintenance, including oil changes. Vehicle owners must follow the recommended maintenance schedule to maintain their manufacturer’s warranty.

This work does NOT have to be performed at the dealership. You can take your vehicle to any qualified technician for the routine maintenance, as long as you continue to document the maintenance services performed (with your order receipt). Our technicians will help you understand the terms of your manufacturer warranty so you know the services and documentation needed to maintain it.

When a car is out of the manufacturer’s “new car” warranty, either by miles or age, it may still be covered by other warranties.

Most quality auto repair shops will offer a warranty on their work, but again not all warranties are created equal.

The first factor is length of the warranty. Some shops offer only 90 days guarantee. Other shops offer a 1 year / 12,000 mile warranty on their services. At Keller Bros. Auto Repair, we’ve tripled that warranty, backing most of our services with a 36 month / 36,000 mile warranty.

Next, you need to know what the warranty covers. Parts only? Labor only? At Keller Bros. Auto Repair, our warranty covers both parts AND labor.

If you have questions understanding your manufacturer warranty, service warranty, or the warranty we offer, please call our team at 303-347-1010. We’ll take the time to review the terms of your warranty so you understand and have confidence in your maintenance decision.

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