How to Change a Flat Tire

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Let’s face it – flat tires happen. No matter how careful you may be, any car can succumb to an unexpected flat. But you can be prepared! Car manufacturers have made the tire change process simple so that virtually anyone can do it. And with our guide, you can be confident in your ability to change a flat tire!

Before you head out for a long drive, or even your regular commute, check your spare tire. You can’t replace a flat tire with a flat spare! You can also look at your tires – if you see any worn spots or skimpy tread, invest in new tires. You can even stop by our shop for a full inspection before any big road trips!

But even the most prepared drivers can encounter unexpected flats – not to fear! With this guide, you will be able to change your flat tire in 5 easy steps:

  1. Find a safe spot to pull over. Look for a flat spot with a wide shoulder, the fewer cars the better. If you are on the interstate, taking the next exit is usually best if your car is able. Pull over as far onto the shoulder of the road as possible. Avoid parking on a curve where oncoming traffic can’t see you, or hills where jacking up your car can be dangerous. Turn on your hazard lights and set your parking brake!
  2. Loosen the lug nuts. Most cars come equipped with a spare tire, simple jack, and lug wrench, so start by gathering these tools from your trunk. A flashlight, gloves, towel or tarp can also be helpful. Start by using the wrench to loosen the lug nuts. You may need to remove the hubcap or plastic covers to access the lug nuts. Do not remove them all the way at this step, but simply loosen. If you lift the vehicle before loosening the lug nuts, the tire will spin when you try to remove them.
  3. Lift the vehicle with the jack. Make sure you place the jack in the appropriate place under the car. Some vehicles have marked areas behind each tire – check your owner’s manual for the specific location for your vehicle. Once you place the jack in the right spot, start lifting the car until it is about 6 inches off the ground.
  4. Place the spare tire. Finish removing the lug nuts from the tire (make sure you keep them in a safe place so you don’t lose any!) and remove the flat tire by pulling straight towards you. Line up the spare tire with the lug nut posts and push it all the way onto the wheel base. Put on the lug nuts loosely, but tight enough to keep the spare on the car.
  5. Lower and tighten. Use the jack to bring the car back to the ground. Tighten the lug nuts on the spare tire diagonally – tighten one lug nut about half way, then move to the opposite diagonally (across the wheel) and tighten half way, then finish tightening both nuts. Continue using this method to tighten the rest of the lug nuts. This helps to ensure that the tire is on evenly and won’t wobble as you drive.

Remember, spare tires aren’t meant to be driven on as far or as fast as normal tires. Drive carefully and head towards our shop to get your tire fixed or a new, full-sized tire put on right away.

Keeping your tires properly inflated and making sure they have a good amount of tread can help avoid the pain and expense of changing and possibly replacing a flat tire. Stop by Keller Bros. for an inspection before your next road trip to have your tires checked for air pressure and worn spots – catch potential hazards before they cause a flat on the road!

To schedule your pre-trip inspection, or if you need assistance changing a flat tire on the road, call us at 303-347-1010 and we’ll be there to help you!

What to do if your Vehicle is Overheating

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An overheating engine can be one of the most stressful roadside emergencies a driver experiences. What should you do if your vehicle starts overheating? Watch for warning signs. If the temperature gauge starts rising rapidly, pull over. If steam (often looks like smoke) starts coming out from under the hood, pull over. If your engine starts making unusual noises, pull over. If the check engine light comes on, pull over. Find a safe location. Pull over as quickly as you can safely. If you are on a busy street, find a safe place to park your vehicle. Stay calm and do not put your family or other drivers in danger. Wait. Avoid the impulse to open the hood right away. If the engine has reached a very high temperature, you could burn yourself while opening the hood to look. Instead, …… ( more )

Colorado votes Keller Bros. Best Auto Repair in the State

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At Keller Bros., we’ve always believed that we don’t work in a repair shop, we work in a community… and that our job isn’t fixing cars, it’s taking care of our neighbors. Which is why we are incredibly honored to be recognized by our neighbors as the “Best of Colorado.” Keller Bros. Auto Repair was recognized by voters, including readers of Colorado Biz magazine and business owners across Colorado, in this year’s “Best of Colorado” list as Best Car Service: Repair! In fact, so many votes were entered for Keller Bros. in the “Car Service” category that Colorado Biz created a brand new “Best of Auto Repair” category to properly tally the votes.  Keller Bros. has sought to be the most honest and ethical place you can take your car. Which is why we are incredibly grateful for our community’s votes …… ( more )

Reduce your Vehicle’s Carbon Footprint

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Earth day is here, so we’re devoting this blog to ways to make your vehicle more green! We’re not talking green fender covers… here are real tips to reduce the carbon footprint from your vehicle. First, check your gas cap. It’s often the biggest culprit to wasting fuel. Gas caps need to be changed every 4 years, or the seal inside may go bad and no longer hold air. The gasoline vapors evaporate when it’s warm, escape your fuel tank, and go straight into the environment! When was the last time you replaced your vehicle’s gas cap? Next time you visit Keller Bros. Auto Repair, ask our certified technicians to take a look at your gas cap. We’ll quickly test it to make sure it holds a seal. If it doesn’t, have it fixed before it costs you more money …… ( more )

Oil Changes support MaxFund Dog and Cat shelters

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Keller Bros. is proud to partner with MaxFund to help your oil changes do more! With Hump Day is Help Day, your preventative maintenance has a positive impact on the community we all love and call home. Every Wednesday and Thursday, Keller Bros. will donate $5 from EVERY full-priced oil change to MaxFund. We’re proud to support Max Fund, the only no-kill animal shelter in Denver. MaxFund is an animal rescue, shelter, and clinic all in one. Not only do they take in dogs and cats in need, they house, feed, and vet them to get them back to health and help connect these animals with foster families and permanent homes through adoption. We’re your community shelter. This place is my heart. – Nanci Suro, Cofounder/Director of MaxFund Just like Keller Bros., the staff and volunteers at MaxFund live and love …… ( more )

Four Common Spring Road Hazards

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It is officially spring in Littleton! Between sunny days and snow showers, we know that spring weather in Colorado is anything but predictable. As you prepare for spring activities and road trips, make sure your vehicle is prepared for any condition. Here are four common hazards on the spring roads in Colorado: Potholes. Rapidly changing temperatures means that snow and ice will freeze and thaw in the roads… leaving behind huge potholes. These hazards not only make your rides bumpy and uncomfortable, they put your vehicle at risk. Hitting a pothole can damage your vehicle’s tires, wheels, alignment, and suspension. Swerving to avoid a pothole can also put you at risk for a car accident. Stay safe by avoiding potholes when possible. Hit a pothole? Come in right away for an alignment inspection to avoid further damage to your vehicle …… ( more )

Celebrate like Champs with FREE Services

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Super Bowl 50 kept us on the edge of our seats yesterday… and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results! Go Broncos! Terry and Margret were so overjoyed with the victory, they’ve lost their minds… they are giving away services for FREE all week! It’s the biggest Super Bowl celebration Keller Bros. has ever seen… Grinding or screeching brakes? Come in for a FREE brake inspection! Check engine light on? Have the code read for FREE! Bumpy roads or trouble steering? Get a FREE Alignment check! Noise, smell, or funny sound? Check it out for FREE! Need an oil change? We’ll upgrade it to a full service for FREE! Flat tire? Stop by for a FREE flat repair! Have a question about your vehicle? Ask us — advice and diagnostics are free too! Not enough? We also have FREE …… ( more )

Car Warranty Myths You Need to Know

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All warranties are the same. You don’t need a warranty. You definitely need to purchase the dealer’s extended warranty. We’ve heard it all, and we’re sure you have too. So what’s the truth? What do you need to know about warranties for your vehicle? The truth is not all warranties are the same. New cars often come with a manufacturer’s warranty. These typically cover repairs that are due to manufacturing errors but exclude anything that may be attributed to normal wear and tear or driver error. (Look at the details in your warranty, ask your manufacturer to explain the exact terms, or call our team at 303-347-1010 – we’ll help you understand the terms of your vehicle’s specific warranty.) In order to maintain your new car warranty, most manufacturers require documentation of regular maintenance, including oil changes. Vehicle owners must follow …… ( more )

5 Car Myths BUSTED!

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When it comes to taking care of your vehicle without spending a fortune, there are many myths that claim to offer money-saving tips… but when are these worth considering, and which are pure bologna? David Rogers spoke with Ken Clark of Fox 31 for a segment on Good Morning Colorado to address 5 common car care myths: Myth 1: You need to replace two tire at once, never just one. It depends on the type of drive your vehicle has (all wheel, rear wheel, four wheel drive) and the condition of the other tires. Tires are like shoes – you need pairs that match so you can stay firmly on the ground. Myth 2: To keep your warranty valid, you have to go to the dealership to perform maintenance. The Magnusson Moss Warranty Act 1975 states that dealers cannot require …… ( more )

You’re Invited to MaxFund’s Black Tie Gala!

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Keller Bros. Auto Repair is proud to support MaxFund Animal Adoption Centers, Littleton and Denver’s only no-kill animal shelter for cats and dogs. Through Hump Day is Help Day, we donate $5 from every full-price oil change on every Wednesday and Thursday to MaxFund. This month, we’re excited to share a new way we’re supporting this group and how you can be involved. Keller Bros. Auto Repair is a proud sponsor of MaxFund’s 27th Annual Fundraising Gala: Paw-purr-azzi! On November 7, 2015, join MaxFund at the Brown Palace for a black tie gala. This will be the 27th Annual fundraiser event as part of “Puttin’ on the Max” to raise money and support for Denver’s only no-kill animal shelter. This year’s theme is “Pawpurrazzi – You’re a Star!” Guests are invited to attend in their finest garments, black-tie optional, and encouraged to …… ( more )